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Marketing agency specializing in domestic and international performance on-line marketing in the language of your choice.



Advertising on Facebook and Google


Attracting target audiences


RTB and other systems


Off-line advertising




Influencer marketing


Event marketing + Corporate parties


Social-network management - multilingual


Our collaboration begins with defining your needs. Based on this session, we prepare a complete marketing strategy for on-line and/or off-line environments, set the pricing and KPI's (key performance indicators).
Upon approval, we move on to the implementation of the concept within the agreed scope.  


In order to maximize the effectiveness of our campaigns, we continuously evaluate and optimize them in real time.

We evaluate the campaigns with you as often as agreed on in advance, or if the need arises for the campaign to change significantly. 

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Our experience

Our international team has extensive experience in projects for leading Czech and international brands, including campaigns for the American market.
We can handle campaigns both locally and globally. Thanks to the years of experience in the music industry, we are able to organize events of any size. We have close personal ties with a large group of well-known influencers and smaller but influential micro influencers.

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